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For all my life I have experienced the gifts of the spirit. I am a fourth generation intuitive, available for distance and in person readings. I use my abilities to serve those here in the physical plane and also those in the spiritual plane.

Professionally I offer a variety of services supporting your inner spiritual process for connecting with the spirit realm:  mediumship, psychic readings, channeling, past life awareness and regression, spirit communications, pet communications, holistic healing, energy work, Soul to Sole, mid-wife to Heaven, spirit ascension.

I honor Mother Earth and all of her inhabitants. I am active in local land stewardship. I have done extensive work with past life awareness. Unresolved lessons can hinder our development; but explored and understood, these lessons can lead to extraordinary growth.

While personal contact is my focus, I have worked with police and sheriff departments in the United States and other countries.

I am a Reiki Master Teacher, Karuna™ Reiki Master Teacher and have created a modality I call Matrix of the Soul as a part of my healing practice.

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