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​To hear from a Father who passed in a horrific traffic accident, that he
had a heart attack before impact and that is why his vehicle had
crossed the yellow line into an oncoming semi, became a catalyst to
​walk with the Love this client has for her Father. And replacing with facts, where her imagination had brought grief; while honoring her grief. Allowing her to heal and grow as she moves through it.

To know a young man killed in Iraq is remembered by those he touched while serving there, with a marker at the site of his passing. Affording his Mom the opportunity to hear from him and of some of the details surrounding his passing. Allowing her to tell her brave soldier that she loves him and misses him with the certainty that he can hear her every word. And having a response to her pain with compassion allows her to walk a little more confidently with her grief.

We need to know whether our loved one, who has passed from an illness, or quickly with no goodbyes is free from pain, is whole and is with us as we walk through our grief.

At Angels' Touch LLC, I offer a safe haven in this sadness to express your feelings and reconnect at the soul level with your loved one that has passed. To receive and continue a dialogue once thought lost or unattainable is truly a gift from the spirit side.

Thank You for the honor to Share these Amazing and Precious Moments with You.

I slept and dreamt that life was joy. I awoke and saw that life was service. I acted and behold, service was joy.

Rabindranath Tagore


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Asking Martina and Helen to come forward. Many spirits came to usher them in on the 21st anniversary of their passing. June, 14, 2014

As a Medium, I connect with the Spirit of People or Pets that have passed beyond our physical vision. I utilize the abilities God has given to me and always bring in God’s Amazing Grace and Mercy into each session. With permission of those involved, I call upon these abilities to also connect at the Soul Level with people that are still here in the physical plane.

I am always moved to witness the courage of my clients as they meet their grief at my door and walk hand in hand with it for a time. My clients reach a resolution beyond what my simple words here can convey. When a Mom, a Child, other Family Member, a Friend or a beloved Pet that has passed, greets a client, communication becomes a possibility again.

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